OK, this one is finished.......

You can probably GUESS what this item is. Anybody know where it is? Drop me a message and tell me where it is located, on public display.

I had one right answer. Congratulations to CDR Bill Donovan, who looked this answer up with the Internet. Mr. Donovan's award (a beer) was purchased on 15 Dec 2003, in his honor and I drank it, thinking what a smart man he is.

Here is a write up I compiled, you can go visit the bell in Alexandria, VA.


2000 reunion attendee

Name the midgets

Old Salt

Hong Kong Hand signals

Solicitation (Not that kind)

This is a nice one:

Who is this TUNNY Reunion attendee?

Last hint: He is wearing the COB's hat, but it ISNT THE COB.

OK. This one was posted for about a year. Nobody even tried to guess.

This is a deer's butt, with teeth inserted. It is located at Craig Russell's Lazy U Ranch, in the bar area. You might be able to see it from some of the 2000 Reunion photos. I found it fascinating that somebody thought to do this, yet genuinely disturbing because it's probably a person that's armed and spends alot of time alone in the woods..."Hmm, now what do I do with this deer butt?.. What about these teeth?" You know the other deer were horrified when they saw this.

Name the four midgets.


So many people wrote in on this one. Stop it already.

I think HMCS (SS/FMF) John Werner answered it first: Weston, Kinderknect, Hoffman, Baumgarter

My "usual" prize will be awarded. Doc, come and get it.

Curt Hardie got it right, too: "Thats easy....if you knew who lived with each other...they are in order from left to right... ken luckard, lloyd kinderknecht, eric hoffman and finally ken baumgartner."- Curt



Try this one: Which TUNNY sailor was assigned onboard TUNNY for the longest time period? This is only (1) continuous assignment, excluding guys like CDR McDonough or LCDR Skarpness that kept coming back for more!


  1. I have a candidate who says he was onboard for 6 years and 3 months.
  2. Just gimme his name, or submit a name if you know somebody who was onboard LONGER.


Here is the email message that started this one... This person was initially answering last months trivia question, and eventually became a trivia question himself!

The place is Hong Kong and EM2 Combs is the second person from the left. It looks like I am the second person from the right. The person on the far right I think was a torpedoman. I do not know the other person. Could let me know if that is me?

By the way Tom I like your web site. Ask on your web site if anyone can beat 6 years and about 3 months onboard the Tunny. That was my time. (it was something like 2289 days)

Talk to you later.

Frank Peters

Let's review a few:

EM1 (SS) Tim Finch was suggested, but Finch nevers writes me, so I cannot confirm.

Curt Hardie guessed Robert May because May said he was there forever.

EMCM (SS) J.J. Hoffman was on for 6 years!


Directly from my personel records:

I arrived onboard the Tunny as a QMSR(SU) on 29 June 1983 while she was in Pearl Harbor. And I left her on 28 April 1989 as a QM1(SS) headed for Recuiting Duty while she was in drydock in Bremerton.

So that makes 6 years 5 months and 29 days.

Thanks for making such a great Website.

David Marshall

QM1 (SS) David Marshall is the winner.

Hong Kong Hand Signals

 Name the 4 bubbleheads, and identify what they are signaling with their hands.. (Be patient, the picture takes a while to load)


Here's a close one from Scott Aistrup:

Hi Tom,

The answer to your trivia would be Bill Ruiz, Tim Rommes, Frank Peters, and Shaffer. Not positive on the last persons first name and last name might not be spelled correctly.


Scott, I think it's Jim Schaffer. And Frank Peters wrote in and said that's Craig Homb, not Tim Rommes. I honestly can't tell at this resolution, but you'd think Frank would know.

Of course, Scott failed to mention what the squids are signaling. However, my very good friend ET1 (SS) Chuck Kahl wrote in about the "I'm short!" signal. The winning entrants receive a BEER. I will buy the beer anytime next week at TwoRows Brewery here in Dallas, Texas. Hey guys - come on down!

In fact, ET1 Chuck writes:

And the ship is at anchorage, tied up alongside the tug (I'll figure the name of that ship too, later) in Hong Kong harbor. As a matter of fact, this picture was taken only days before I met Merly at Club PussyCat, on our last day there. I'm sure you remember that time, don't you Tom? Remember how we met those Brits at the bar while we were nursing our beers on our last night in HK? Oh, the days! I could go on forever!


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Nobody got this entirely. Not even Frank Peters, who's in the photo.



 Interesting response excerpts: Everybody recognized Hong Kong.




Send me an idea for the trivia page... Preferably related to a photo........Well what do you suggest?


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