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You heard it HERE FIRST. I have NEVER shared this file with anyone, now I am offering it to you free.

I hesitate to GIVE AWAY such a priceless treasure, but this is a very special web page! I am pleased to provide you with the Dive Alarm from USS Tunny, recorded underway.

Dive Dive (WAV)


Here's the Navy Hymn, in MP3 format. You'll need an MP3 player to hear this thing, like WinAmp.

This Navy Hymn file is a little hissy, use the WinAmp Equalizer to make it perfect.

Eternal Father, Strong to Save(MP3)

Words to the Navy Hymn

Anchors Aweigh

Anchors (MIDI)

Man Battlestations. Definitely from a boat. This one would make a good wake-up clock alarm

Man Battlestations (WAV)

The following is a test of the Collision Alarm... The real thing.

Collision Alarm (WAV)

Surface Surface Surface... The real thing.

Surface (WAV)

Start the blower on all main ballast tanks. The real thing

Low Pressure Blow (WAV)

Stand by to surface, all ahead full. Sounds like it was taken from a movie.

All Ahead Full (WAV)

Clear the bridge and dive. Sounds like it was taken from a movie.

Clear the bridge (WAV)

Torpedo, sound effect. Probably from a video game.


A cleaner version of a dive alarm. Probably from a video game.

Dive WAV

Probably from a video game.

Ahead 2/3 (WAV)

Here's a ping

Ping WAV

Pipe over the side

Pipe WAV


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