to our absent crewmembers

It's difficult for me to believe that our TUNNY sailors are passing away. I don't know... mortality and all. Even the boat is gone.

This is a page where I can keep obituaries or other info about these men. I'll keep dependents / next of kin / whoever on the regular email directory for as long as they wish.

It's awful that people die, I think. Some of the finest people on Earth are TUNNY sailors. You'd think Heaven could cope without us.

Similar to the email directory, I have listed shipmates in order from the date they checked onboard TUNNY. If I have details about their passing, I've linked it using their name. Comments or suggestions? Send them to me.

SS 282



Name / Rank while onboard



QMCS (SS) William Weed

Billy Weed, son


SSN 682



Name / Rank while onboard



ICS (SS) Michael B. Haberman, USN (Ret)

Jorja Haberman



Donna Kaup, widow


George Clauser, Sr.



ICS (SS) Michael B. Haberman, USN (Ret) passed away on January 6, 2000. He passed away of a heart attack. He went very quickly.

Here's a recent picture of him from his wife, Jorja Haberman

Please send details if anyone can help

I am told that MMC (SS) Shawn Muldowney, a TUNNY shipmate took his own life in July 1999. I do not have any of the details. Chief Muldowney was one of the many Sailors who kept TUNNY running in top condition up to the decommissioning.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to all of his TUNNY shipmates.

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