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It has been many months since I have updated the TUNNY web site.
My ISP is forcing me to move it to a new server, which I dread.
It means that all of the links will need to be modified for a new address.
Things are going to be rough as I make this transition.
And there is a lot of content to move.

The TUNNY Homepage has been the internet homeport of the 682 crew since 1997.
I am proud of the moments captured in these pages and the crew that shaped them.
There are many stories of submarine sailors during the cold war.
These pages are our story.

The TUNNY web site is dedicated to the finest submarine in the Pacific fleet.
It is dedicated to that place and the people that had such an amazing impact on me.
My time aboard TUNNY changed how I treat people, it changed what I expect from people.

I'll edit the pages for the new server, so they breathe again for all of us.
I thank you for your patience during this transition and for your time aboard TUNNY.
You're all precious to me, and really really good looking.

Thanks, - Tom.

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Tunny Wardroom from September 1990, photo courtesy of Ltjg Chuck D'Errico

The photo was taken in front of the Parche memorial at Pearl. Here are the names of the people from left to right.

Ensign Jeff "Boxcar" Bay
Ltjg Cam Weaver
Lt Bill Heinz
Ltjg Willie "Rosebud" Gardner
Ltjg Chuck D'Errico
Lt Paul Skarpness
Lt Bill Donovan (Weaps)
Cdr Bob Speer (CO)
Lcdr Scott VanBuskirk (NAV)
Ltjg Jeff Staggs
Lcdr John Byrd (XO)
Ltjg Matthew Metts (SUP)
Lt Bob DePrizio
Ltjg Dana Ruge
Lcdr Dave Portner (ENG)


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TUNNY Du Jour  

I am happy when someone takes the time to share their photos. I like to share these images on the TUNNY Homepage.

1. Ship's pictures (boat only, no people) pictures will go on a single page, "Ships Pictures".

2. Your personal photos will be archived in my main library.

3. Personal photos will be displayed in the Crew Photo pages.

For example, if David Parrish sent me 5 pictures, then there would be a David Parrish folder, and you could view his pictures there. In this system, if you don't know David Parrish, you probably won't take the time to look at his crew photos.

I will frequently change the photos, swapping them with new ones. Each person will have their own folder.

4. I don't know how often I will change the photos. Ideally, every week or 2. Lots of factors to consider. Basically. I'll change them as often as I can.

5. I won't ever delete photos from my computer library, even though they can't all possibly be displayed on the Internet all at once. I will burn them all to a CD someday.

6. Some of the photos will feature crewmembers in drag or their underwear. I don't want to offend or embarass anyone. If you are featured in a compromising photo and wish me to delete it from the Internet where hundreds of people are looking at it every month, just drop me a line.

Remember, the only way to share your photos on the TUNNY web page is to send them to me electronically, or through the US Mail. I will gladly scan and return your original photos. Contact me for details.

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Trivia Contest is plundered

There is a new trivia question. (March 2003)

I've already received a correct reponse from a certain brainy, contest-ruining, Internet researching, Engineering Officer who will remain unnamed. He looked the answer up on the Internet - what a cop out.

(His initials are Bill Donovan.)

Up Ladder

01 July 1992

I am "stowing" my stuff. Hot racking, so I have to cram it in and puka it.

I said goodbye to Jen and Lucia this morning. 36 days until we return. Poor Jen. And poor me - I love being with her.

This part of my life is the most painful. The boat is inport, and I am leaving in a couple of hours. I can call home, but it is only hello, hi, I'm not doing anything, well, I love you, goodbye. We don't talk because we don't know what to say. It's hopeless.

Of all the pain I have felt, the worst times have been these goodbyes. I left Jen crying at the ferry in Seattle, she stalls for conversation on the pier dropping me off.

All I can offer for hope is that "it doesn't go on forever." 483 more days.

Being in the Navy is like being robbed. Look what they've taken from us.

And now I'm at sea.

USS TUNNY's last day as a United States Attack Submarine was 13 March 1998. Imagine TUNNY's objective when she was newly commissioned. Imagine the goals of the nation who laid her keel in 1970!

Here is a quote from TUNNY's Launching ceremony in 1972;

"It would be nice to believe, as so many people profess these days, that if the United States would simply reduce its military strength, including our Navy, that all other countries would follow suit.

Unfortunately, as history has so well proven, this belief does not hold true. Until the time comes when the human race has far better control over its traits and ambitions than it has now we will have to maintain a defense establishment capable of turning back any aggressor. Our national security demands this. "

- Senator George D. Aiken

Today (28 years later) we finally know TUNNY's success -- years of excellence from her sea-going crew, the highest quality shipyard work and the unshakable resolve of the United States Navy and the American people. We know it all came true: TUNNY safeguarded the United States and was an instrument in winning the Cold War. Finally, TUNNY's duty has ended. Her mission perfectly accomplished!

Stay in touch.

Love, Tom - 8/38. Wake me up at 2330, or if the damn O2 Generator does "that" again.


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Got a question about anything? Email me. I've got a 0530 wake-up so I'll be right back.



Answering Ahead Standard on both ME, Shaft turns are (logs started Sept 97). You've got it, drills start after chow.


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