From United States Navy / USS Tunny "Welcome Aboard" booklet



Keel Laid

May 22, 1970


June 10, 1972


January 26, 1974


September 2, 1997


USS TUNNY (682) is a STURGEON-Class submarine designed for a length overall of 300 feet; extreme beam of 31 feet; a surfaced displacement of 4,630 tons; and accommodations for 12 officers and 110 men. A deep diving submarine of vast range, she is adept in offensive operations against hostile submersibles. She is particularly suited as a "killer submarine" for joint operations with units of the antisubmarine warfare forces. The submarine also has the capabilities as a minelayer, supporter of underwater demolition team operations, and as a weather reference station. She may perform many types of reconnaissance and intercept missions; land and recover raiding parties; or provide lifeguard services. Vast range and great striking power are the hallmark of the nuclear-powered attack submarines.


TUNNY was launched on June 10, 1972 in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Click here to browse the Launching ceremony photos and booklet.

TUNNY completed initial sea trials November 11, 1973, and was homeported in Charleston, South Carolina. After commissioning, the crew visited Subase New London for two weeks of training before shakedown in West Indies and along the East coast.

TUNNY has completed several significant deployments since commissioning. She has made two deployments with the Mediterranean-based United States Sixth Fleet; spring and summer 1975, for which she was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation; and fall and winter 1976, capturing the Sixth Fleet's "Hook 'Em" award for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) performance. During the first Med Cruise, the ship moored alongside a tender at Santo Stefano, Sardinia for upkeep. During the second, the boat made a port called to Lisbon, Portugal and Naples, Italy.

In the February 1978, TUNNY deployed in support of Atlantic Fleet operations in the North Atlantic.


July of 1978 saw TUNNY commence a transit to Pacific waters, as her homeport was changed from Charleston, South Carolina, to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. TUNNY arrived in Pearl Harbor August 19, 1978.

In February 1979, TUNNY commenced a four month Western Pacific deployment. From August 1979 to December 1980, TUNNY underwent a regular overhaul in Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard during which the Navy's most advanced sonar, ESM, and fire control systems were installed.

After conducting an eastern Pacific deployment and standard post overhaul tests and inspections, TUNNY made five Western Pacific deployments. The first was from December 1981 until June 1982, for which TUNNY received a Meritorious Unit Commendation. The second was from January to April 1983 and included participation in the highly successful FLEETEX '83. TUNNY's third "WestPac" lasted six months, from January 1984 to July 1984 and included a show of the flag in Western Australia.

On the fourth WestPac, USS TUNNY deployed from April to August 1985. For this deployment USS TUNNY received the Navy Unit Commendation. The fifth WestPac was from May to November 1986 and included port calls to Sasebo, Japan and White Beach, Okinawa.

 In May 1987, TUNNY deployed to the Northern Pacific including the first submarine upkeep in Adak, Alaska since World War II. In December 1987, TUNNY again deployed to the Northern Pacific earning the ASW "A" for excellence in submarine operations.

In March, 1988, TUNNY changed homeport to Bremerton, Washington and conducted a 24 month refueling overhaul in Puget Sound Naval Shipyard during which she received the Navy's latest combat systems including advanced sonar, ESM and fire control systems.

In April 1990, the refueling overhaul was complete - it had lasted 22 months and was completed on time. In June 1990, TUNNY returned to her homeport of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

The Sixth WestPac began in August 1990, lasting until Feb 1991. This deployment included port calls to Hong Kong, Guam, Japan, Korea and the Philippine Islands.

The ship returned from a six month Western Pacific cruise on 7 April 1992, and deployed for an eighth WestPac in Oct 1993.

TUNNY received the Commander Submarine Squadron One Battle Efficiency "E" award for 1992, 1994 and 1995. She received a Meritorious Unit Commendation during the 1995 WestPac deployment, her ninth.

TUNNY's final WestPac was completed in March 1997. The boat was decommissioned on September 2, 1997 in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. She is currently at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington.



Commanding Officers

From United States Navy / USS Tunny "Welcome Aboard" booklet


CDR Dennis Y. Sloan

Jan. 26, 1974 - Feb. 26, 1976

CDR Peter W. Thomas

Feb. 26, 1976 - Oct. 26, 1978

CDR Karl L. Kaup

Oct. 26, 1978 - Aug. 2, 1982

CAPT George R. Fister

Aug. 2, 1982 - May 29, 1984

CDR Douglas H. Siemon

May 29, 1984 - May 7, 1987

CDR Robert G. Speer

May 7, 1987 - Oct. 26, 1990

CDR Martin McDonough

Oct. 26, 1990 - Apr. 23, 1993

CDR Scott A. Spencer

Apr. 23, 1993 - Mar. 8, 1996

CDR Eric K. Nelson

Mar. 8, 1996 - March 1998


This is the centerfold of the Decom Book.

It's a cool timeline showing boat achievements and all Commanding Officers.

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