My Off-watch Comments

  13 May 00- New Finley born

I received the following message from my very good friend Ben Finley:

Well Tom I want to remind you of a certain day in Tunny history when You and I were Underway in transit from San Diego to Pearl Harbor shortly after overhaul. I was on watch you were in the rack. I was told to report to the COs state room after watch at midnight. I went to the state room and knocked on the door and there appeared the C.O. and he handed me a message that had just come in and congratulated me on the birth of my son. You were the first one I told.

Well, you are not the first this time but I am still telling you.
My daughter was born at 1:03 am on the 24th of April at Trippler. She was 7lbs 3oz and 18 1/2 inches long. Her name is Anna Renee Finley. Mother and daughter are resting comfortably.

27 APR 00 - George Clauser, Sr.

I recently received an email from George Clauser, Sr.
He has a new email account, and can receive messages directly now.

Hi Tom,

I've just entered the world of e-mail and thought I needed to drop you a short note for your efforts. The articles you sent to me were wonderful and I enjoyed reading them. I made copies for all of George's sisters and his mother. I just now was browsing your web page and seen a picture of sailors loading the boat for westpac 1991 and the guy in front looked like George. Maybe you know if it is or not. Thanks for all packets of information again; we kept them all. If you get anything more please forward them.

Do you have any e-mail addresses of any of George's other buddies? If you do I would like to send them a line .

Sincerely, George Clauser,SR.

------------ Folks, here is your oppportunity to drop Mr. Clauser a letter and tell him how sorry we are about his son. PLEASE take a moment to express your sympathies to the family of this fine man.


  21 APR 99 - Road trip, San Diego, CA. (Tom Jordan)

I did my Navy Reserve gig in February '99 at Camp Pendleton, near San Diego. It went just fine. While in San Diego, I met CAPT Bill Greene, former C.O. of USS TUNNY (APSS 282).

We had Mexican food (which he didn't like much - woops), visited in his living room and (best of all) he showed me his photos and memorabilia. I was preoccupied worrying about my manners - but hopefully I appeared impressed and grateful - both true. I was thrilled to meet him and his wife, and glad to hang out in his garage talking about days underway. I would like to spend a week in his garage, scanning stuff.

It's strange that we discussed 2 different TUNNY's - Different submarines, different missions. His time was spent in covert operations in a hostile conflict, mine was spend covertly "just on watch". This part of submarining, and sub sailors, is still awkward for me. I genuinely respected his mission and hard work. That's so hard to convey.

CAPT. Greene, Thanks for everything.



  04 AUG 99 - Regarding this year's 282 Reunion:

Ex TUNNY (282) crewmembers Glenn Duncan and Carl Hill have been sending me some photos from the recent Pittsburgh 282 reunion. I need to organize them and make them available online. Here's a quick sample:

After the USS Requin tour and memorial service. Waiting in front of the Carnagie Science Center for the shuttle back to the Holiday Inn.

From the left: Dennis Splane, Bob Corradini, Floyd Kuhl, Bruce Bergstrom, Carl Hill and Charley Smith.


 Looking for Ship's Patch

  21 APR 99 - I received the following message. Can anybody help this guy out?


My name is Phil Heberer. I am looking for a patch from the USS Tunny. I had the honor, long ago of qualifying my Dolphins onboard and am interested in obtaining a patch. With the decommissioning, I knew that I wouldn't be able to go to the ship and get one myself, but if you have any information as to where I could get one, I would greatly appreciate it.


Phil Heberer


Deterrent Patrol Devices 1959 through 1964

  21 APR 99 - I received the following email message, does anybody have time to verify this is accurate?

The return email address is a dead link, so I can't be sure this is true - but I would like to know. Drop me a line.

I'm an old Barbero sailor who recently wrote Sec Nav asking why they neglected the early, Regulus patrols by Tunny and Barbero from the new device. Yesterday I received a reply from a Radm Langston with CNO saying that last year they DID change the policy to include specifically Tunny and Barbero. Maybe you knew this but it came as a complete shock to me. I was expecting to receive the standard "Dear Mr. Quixote" letter.

In Tunny's case all the deterrent patrols beginning with 10-23-59 and through 4-11-64 now are entitled to the device...

Congratulations to your guys to which it applies. Can you pass the word please?

Thanks - If you need further info let me know. I'll send you what they sent me.

Dan Gillcrist (TM2-SS - Barbero)


Bisharat Print

  21 APR 99 - Still available TUNNY collectable:

For all you TUNNY collectable-maniacs out there, let me describe this print.

It was created by George Bisharat. I am told the print was commissioned by the decom crew. Size is 11 X 17. It has the ship's patch, motto, activation dates, some basic technical specs, and battle ribbons.

I got the print from Maureen Marella via the internet. I couldn't scan the print easily due to it's size, so my scan has lines and shadows -- the print does not. Sorry! You can click on this image to see a larger version.

If you'd like a copy for yourself, you can call Dean and Maureen Marella (phone number is 510-799-6135). They're not ex-TUNNY, but they collect sub stuff, and apparently have access to several copies of this print. Cost is around 12.50, plus shipping.


Navy Base Commissary fun -- 1951 / CSC (SS) Ray

21APR 99 - I thought I might mention this:

For some reason there are almost no "dolphin wearing" sailors on my Reserve Center Base in Ft. Worth, Texas. Everybody seems to be surface or non-qual. Last month I was walking around the commissary, immediately after my Reserve duty / drill weekend - still in uniform.

So naturally, whenever I see somebody wearing dolphins I ask, "what boat?" It doesn't happen often.

I was walking through the commissary minding my own business when a guy in civilian clothes (obviously retired) asked, "What boat?" I stopped right there in produce and said "TUNNY".

The man asked, "What did you say?"

I replied, "TUNNY, 682"

The man said, "TUNNY? That's MY BOAT."

This didn't seem possible to me, so I asked if he was on 682, he said no - it was 282. I shook his hand and said I was damn glad to meet him out here in Ft. Worth... did he have internet access, etc....

No, he doesn't have internet access, but he wanted me to put his name up on the page, and direct messages to him via snail mail. So, if you know this guy - drop me a line!


CSC (SS) R.V. Kay

USS TUNNY (SS 282), checked onboard 1951


Drydock report

  20 JUL 98 - Quick note from the email bag:

Hey Tom,

Enjoy your page. I was the NRRO rep for the ship during it's inactivation. What a fine crew. It's disheartening to look at that fine ship now sitting in Dry-Dock #4 without a sail, cut into two pieces, and having holes in the pressure hull were HY-80 should be. Keep up the page, it's great.

D. Kelsey




 Request info on Ship's Photo

  9 APR 98 - I received a request for a TUNNY photo - you know, an official underway one. Anybody have one they would be willing to part with, or know how to obtain one? Please reply with ideas.

 Request info on E.T. Forhan


 18 Mar 98 - I received an interesting request. Read this and respond to her if you can help:


My dad served on the Tunny in the 40s. He was acting Captain at one point and captured a Japanese sub. He said they ate rice for six months afterwards, and he received many gifts from the Japanese Captain.

My dad's name was E. T. Forhan. I don't know what his rank was at the time--- he was either a lieutenant commander or commander. If you can steer me to 282 folks or info re a reunion, I'd be thrilled.

I think there was some kind of emergency: the captain had appendicitis or some other kind of crisis. As kids, we understood that he was briefly in command, and at that time captured another vessel/sub.

I know we ended up with a set of Japanese Navy dishes and the Japanese Commanding Officer's sword as a result. Unfortunately, I don't know which mission it was.

--- Ursula


 EX-SSN 682

Regarding the submarine formerly known as TUNNY

  18 Mar 98 - The TUNNY crew is completely gone. All admin is complete. Anyone wishing to find a decom crew member can contact me for the follow-on command.

EX-TUNNY status: All systems are drained and de-energized. She now belongs to the shipyard for recycling. Teams of shipyard workers are cutting her into scrap as we speak. The job will be complete by the end of the fiscal year.

 EX-SSN 682

Memorabilia and Crew recognition

  18 Mar 98 - A big Thank You to EMC(SS) Deaton, MMC(SS) Schnurr, and many TUNNY crew members who spent MANY hours building the fine looking DECOM plaques. I love mine.

Thanks to the memorabilia committee for their assistance in producing a TUNNY CD.

Thanks to MMC(SS) Muldowney and MMC(SS) Schnurr for their help designing the Decommissioning program. Thanks to the whole crew for the professional, on time completion of the inactivation. Thanks to Colleen Kimbler for her superior support of the TUNNY families as OMSBUDSMAN. Thanks to ETC(SS) Willis for his exceptional work as Command Career Counselor and sorting out all of the last minute order changes. Thanks to YN2(SS) Hall and YN3(SS) Atkins for the great job they did in support of transferring the entire crew. Thanks to MMCS(SS) Meadows as TUNNY's last COB for coordinating all of the above and the outstanding Decommissioning Ceremony that he personally planned.

 TUNNY's last XO (Mike Hallal) preserved all he could in photos and conversation. He did TUNNY a good job. Take a minute to thank him.



 16 Feb 98 - The ship has been receiving calls requesting information about a ceremony from web patrons.

There will be no public ceremony for the final decommissioning.

The ship had a formal Decommissioning Ceremony in Pearl Harbor before she left. There will be a shipyard ceremony when TUNNY's crew hauls down Old Glory for the last time in March. That ceremony will be formal, but is only open to the crew and the key shipyard personnel. No family members or any other visitors are allowed.

This is not because the crew does not want others to take part. It is because the ceremony takes place next to the ship in the Controlled Industrial Area (an industrial environment that requires special training and safety equipment to ensure safety). Also, the exact date is not usually known until a few days in advance (this is because the crew cannot be disbanded until all necessary work items are complete-- in a project as complex as inactivating a submarine, the completion date cannot be determined with complete certainty). This makes the ceremony impractical for people to make because they would have to get access to the Controlled Industrial Area of the shipyard and they would not be able to make advance travel reservations.

Many decommissionings ago, the policy of a closed ceremony at the end was established and it is still strictly adhered to. Homepage visitors, I know you all understand the policy, and will agree it is reasonable.


Have corresponded with the new XO, Mike Hallal. I asked him to please send me my rack (8/38). He's scanning some stuff and promises to share it with us when completed. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, here's a couple of email messages he sent me in Jan 98.

The TUNNY is right on schedule to decommission in mid-March. The Squadron Awards for 1997 are out and I am happy to announce that TUNNY got the Squadron One Engineering "RED" E. I attached a scanning I did of the plaque presented to the Engineer Officer, LCDR Tom Ishee. The results came just in time as Tom transfers today.

Our Sailor of the Year for 1997 was ET1 Jeffrey Roush.

I will send more things when I get a chance though not as much as I had hoped to. I started collecting way too late. The ship is going away fast. The entire forward part of the ship belongs to the shipyard now.


Here's a follow up:


You could play handball in the area your rack used to occupy. Sorry.

The Recreation Committee gave a great Christmas party this year. Last year the ship was not home for Christmas. This party was special because all of the children were invited. We had a great buffet style dinner, dancing, and a visit from Santa Claus. We had about twenty door prizes including a DVD player, a television set, VCR, and lots of smaller ones. This helped to boost the turnout of the young single guys who were leery of coming to a party with all of those kids. They did come and they enjoyed it. The CO (luckiest man on the ship) won the DVD player in the drawing. Then he tore up his ticket and told them to draw again. One of the young single guys was the next ticket drawn. It turns out that guy had been wishing for a DVD player for Christmas. The children were especially well behaved and it was the best ship's function I have ever been to in the Navy.

Yesterday we received the (Engineering E) plaque that Squadron ONE sent to the TUNNY.

Mike Hallal


So, that's it. My rack is gone.

WE ALL KNOW IT'S NOT GONE! IT'S IN A DUMPSTER AT PSNS AND I'LL PAY TOP DOLLAR TO ANYBODY WHO CAN MANAGE TO RETRIEVE IT! And don't try to send me a substitute or decoy rack. I'll know mine when I see it.



Patch Idea - How about we create a special Ships Patch? Who's interested? I wonder how many we might need, at about 3 bucks each (I have some preliminary prices)? I figure this is our last chance to participate in a 'real-time' activity, while TUNNY is still in one piece. Here are my ideas:

1. Decommissioning Patch, 1997

2. USS TUNNY Homepage (Internet crew) - World Wide Underway

or maybe a combination of the two topics. I want to hear from you on this one. Email me!

Homepage CONTENT

28 OCT 97 - I need more Homepage content from ex TUNNY crewmembers - that stuff in your closet or garage. I have a digital camera and a scanner, and will immediately return your original photos or goodies... but this page needs more material to stay lively and interesting. So, hook me up. If you *wonder* if anyone would be interested in your personal souvenirs, drop me a line, and let's talk about it.

MANY THANKS to Vince Davidson, Curt Hardie and Bill Green. These guys have contributed material already - and TUNNY's Homepage is a better place because of them.




14 OCT - Tunny is drydocked at PSNS. The crew operates out of PSNS Bldg. 50 - not the stinky barge we used at PSNS for overhaul. I spoke to the C.O. today, CDR Nelson. He tells me the TUNNY will create a web page, while they're at PSNS. (His comment, "all the PSNS ships have one.") That's good news - it's long overdue. I'll keep you posted when their page goes up.







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