Decommissioning Compact Disc 

USS TUNNY (SSN 682)'s final days were preserved by her decom crew, in a special CD. Their CD includes:

Photos of the decom crew

Some port-visits (photos)

Scanned images from ceremonies (Launching, Commissioning, Change of command and Decom)

TUNNY mementos


The CD was created as a tribute, not part of any Navy directive. Instead, it represents an effort by her crew, who wanted to see TUNNY's heritage preserved. Some (not all) of the CD content has been posted by Sub Group Nine, and you can browse that by following this link.

Why mention it on The USS TUNNY Homepage?

 Well, it's not obtainable anywhere else, really. The crew has certainly gone their separate ways. As an ex-TUNNY crewmember, I have 2 plans for this CD:

1. Include some of the CD content on the TUNNY Homepage (as space permits)

2. Provide copies of the CD to any crewmember who wants one



Who will get rich from this idea?

Simply, nobody.

The primary creator of the CD (Mike Hallal, TUNNY's last XO) provided clear instructions about distributing TUNNY's DECOM CD. Here are his instructions, quoted:


I have discussed it with the CO and we have decided that redistribution without profit (your cost of copying and distribution would be a suitable charge) would satisfy our intent.


Besides, I don't expect high volume sales.


What's the catch?

OK, here it is.. 7 bucks will get you a copy. Includes materials and mailing anywhere in U.S. Drop me a line and we'll work out the details.


Photo from the Decom CD



Here's a quote from Mike Hallal, 13 March 1998:


Memorabilia Committee

The people below made significant contributions to the production of the Decommissioning compact disc.  They gathered with the intentions of preserving TUNNY memorabilia for the entire crew.  I came to refer to them as the Memorabilia Committee.




MTCS(SS) Lader

Gathering memorabilia.

ETC(SS) Willis

Photographed memorabilia and crew.

MMC(SS) Muldowney

Scanning photographs, advice on form, content, and disk reproduction.

EMC(SS) Deaton

Coordinator of Decom Plaque production and gathering memorabilia.

MMC(SS) Posey

Many pictures and advice.

ET1(SS) Roush

Technical aspects of CD reproduction.

MM1(SS) Walther

Many pictures and advice.

MM1(SS) Hipple

Technical advice on disk reproduction.

EM1(SS) Rivera

Advice on WEB page format.

ET1(SS) Vichi

Designed the CD case cover.  Advice on format and content

STS1(SS) Winge

Advice on format and content. Information on Decom Plaque construction..

ET2(SS) Selman

Decom Crew section data (not a small task).

ET2(SS) Garcia

Several pictures.

LT(jg) MacHarg

Several pictures.

LT Murr

Purchasing necessary tools to complete the project.

LCDR Hallal

Authoring the WEB browsing format for the disk.



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