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Sometimes people send me Questions about former shipmates, friends, neighbors - people they associate with TUNNY. For example, "Whatever happened to my old friend Sonar-Bob?" To find these answers, I created this page, "Ask TUNNY". I will post your requests here.

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I had a CO on SCRANTON who was a TUNNY sailor - John Byrd.

Got any stories?

02 Oct 02

My name is Douglas Parker. I went to the University of Georgia with Tom
Ishee and he was in my wedding. I went through part of the testing and
evaluation process with Tom as he was making a decision about entering the Navy. I have lost track of him and have searched the web once in a while to see if I could pick up his trail. I finally got lucky, it seems, because I found his name mentioned on your TUNNY web-site as LCDR Tom Ishee, Engineering Officer. This is almost certain to be the same person but it appears that he transferred in January '98 so the trail disappears once again. I'd like to know if you have his contact information or know who might have it or if maybe you could forward a message to him so that he can contact me at his convenience.

Thanks for any help you can provide,
Douglas Parker

02 Oct 02
3 Do you know where USS Tunny was sunk? Send an email. 02 Oct 02

My name is George, I helped build the Tunny at Ingalls and made the sea
trials. I was in the Sonar installation and Test crew. This was many moons
ago and I was wonder what ever happened to a Sonar Sailor at commisioning
with a last name of Ondish. Do you have any record on him?

11 Oct 02

The help I and Charlie Clark, in Hawaii is looking for is to find someone that was on the Tunny, in May 3, 1955, that remembers the nuke test that took place near Pearl Harbor. We are looking for information about the USS Nereus AS17, Sub/tender, that was on station for this test. I was onboard at the time of this nuke test on May 3, 1955, and am now suffering from a thyroid cancer, as a result of this test.

The Navy says that it never took place, but in a book by David Stumpf, Regulus the forgotten weapon, shows that this nuke test took place. I need to find someone that can varify that the Nereus was on station for this test, so I can be service connected.

If you or anyone else has this type of information, please contact Mr. Charlie Clark at and let him know.

Charlie, is also looking for any data on nuclear exposure to any of our past veterans.

Thanks for any help you can be at this time!

Richard H. Ellett
C 19 824 797

I am the Hawaii State Commander for Atomic Vets. I rode the diesel boats in WWII, Guppy Snorkels in Korea, and went through Nuclear School in Idaho with the prospective crew of the Nautlis, but was transferred to Special Projects in support of the Navigational Sattellite System ( BRN-3 ).

I am trying to run down what I think should be declassified information. The problem here is, I have been told that during the period 3/5 May 1955 the boats CUSK, CARBINERO, and TUNNY along with the Tender Nereus deployed out of Pearl Harbor into the sea test range and the Tunny launched two Regulus missles down range with the CUSK, CARBINERO, and NEREUS down range acting as range safety and tracking vessels. The Regulus Missles were armed with Nuclear Heads, one launch was sucessful, while the other had to be aborted, thus causing contamination in the area of the NEREUS. The Ionized Radiation may have infected the exposed crew members of the NEREUS.

Richard Hellett is suffering with Thyroid Cancer, but the Veterans Administration requires proof positive of such an operation and that is very difficult because of Squardron Operational Security. I would sincerly appreciate your posting a request for confirmation on your TUNNY web site.

Charlie Clark


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